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tv   Up to the Minute  CBS  September 1, 2010 2:20am-4:00am EDT

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wing three times, matthew perry. how do you like me now? >> his backstage team cheers for the joke. while the host of the emmys last year, neil patrick harris watches from inside the producer's room minutes before he goes on stage to deliver his own one liner. >> i would like to thank the academy for allowing a gay man to host the emmys two years in a row. congratulations, jimmy, you're doing a great job. >> and don't think the winners are kept secret. the show's producers get just as surprised as you at home. >> and the emmy goes to -- "top chef." >> now, watch that guy on the lower right, he's got a stopwatch in his hand. any speeches that go too long. >> stand by music. >> time to cue the band. >> wrap up, the things says, and wrap up, i shall, thank you so much, this is unbelievable. >> thank you. >> the emmy cameras catching lara backstage interviewing jim parsons.
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>> there there are so many people i work with -- >> the inner workings fascinating, all thanks to >> i just want to thank my husband, hugh dancy. i love you, i love you, i love you. >> do you having to be thankful for? >> your love. >> thank you. >> i want to thank my mom so much for making me who i am. and my two dads. love you. and look, kyra got another memento. the winning envelope with her name on it. and after winning the bob hope humanitarian award, george clooney told fox, that it was embarrassing. the reason? told the website, you don't want to be awarded for doing what you're supposed to be doing. our best celebrity of the day is ahead. plus, the number one camel colored accessory must-have for fall, that's next. 3q
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trust resolve. forget stains. travel consideration provided by -- well, before we leave you tonight, we want to reveal the number one best look in the
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color camel for fall. it's the oversized camel coat, which angelina jolie is wearing perfectly. safe to say, she looked good in virtually anything. for our best celebrity of the day. it's a tie, stephen moyer and alexander skaarsgard. they're trying to raise money for charities. by auctioning off personal testimonies on moyer is backing aid for the gulf while alexander is helping orphans in the ukraine. guys, great job. okay, that's it for us tonight. thank you so much for joining us. >> we'll see you guys for many in depth celebrity coverage on "the insider" tomorrow. until then, good night from hollywood. [ sighs ]
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